Image Preview Box 6x4 Shallow

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Image Preview Boxes are the ultimate proof presentation and your clients are going to love receiving a box that is totally unique. Each Image Preview Box is handmade and wrapped in a silk cover that is printed with your custom design or image. Personalize each box for your client and brand it with your studio logo (let everyone know who created the beautiful images inside) then give each box confident, of the lasting impression it will make.

Photoshop template for 6x4 Shallow Box (holds up to 150 photos).


  1. Easy!  Like our other image products Photoshop templates are provided to help make designing easy.  Remember to read our design instructions "Pdf file" (below) before you begin.
  2. DO NOT have images end exactly on the crop lines. Images must either flow over the crop lines to the edge or be set inside the crop lines with a background color filling the remaining space. The GUIDE MARKS ARE APPROXIMATE, not exact. Please keep that in mind when designing your cover.
  3. DO NOT leave any blank space and make sure that the spine and fold areas are flexible. Anything that appears outside of the blue fold lines will get folded over when the cover is created.
  4. The uploaded cover image should be a JPEG. Your image file needs to be received color corrected and ready for printing and should have a resolution of 300 dpi. Remember to adjust the quality slider control to 10 to avoid file sizes too large for us to handle over normal email servers
  5. Email your colour corrected Jpg file using the upload above
  6. Proceed to the checkout to arrange payment by clicking on the ADD TO CART button

2 weeks

IMPORTANT: if you are ordering multiple boxes, each with a different image, please email only one image per email, as most email servers can only handle files sizes up to 5Mb.