Our Guarantee

Our products are handmade to the highest standards to carefully detailed designs. We are proud of and guarantee their quality. If any defect in material or workmanship develops within 3 years of purchase (storage, normal wear and tear, accidental damage and misuse excluded) the faulty product will be repaired or replaced, based upon advice from the manufacturer when the product/s are returned. If Designer Folders no longer deals with this manufacturer, for whatever reason, or the manufacturer is no longer in business, Designer Folders cannot be held responsible for the cost associated with the warranty as this is outside our control, however where possible, we would still put your case forward to the said manufacturer for them to enforce the replacement or repair of a so called "faulty or deffective" product/s and there decision would be final. Freight charges may apply when sending potential "faulty or defective" products from Designer Folders to the manufacturer.

Please note: leather cover-sets are a speciality. We buy the finest hides, which are selectively cut and processed to enhance and project their quality. Leather is a natural material and the appearance of each album varies with the texture, grain, range marking and density of the hide from which it is made. It is this individuality, together with its durability and luxurious handling qualities, that gives leather its appeal - and that distinguishes it from its synthetic imitators.