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Photographers are always talking about "word of mouth" promotion. Getting the name out there to get referrals because referral is about 70% of the total business. However hardly any studio think about what is the most effective way to get word of mouth referral?

Question 1: Most of your clients tell you that they are going to refer you but they never do. How can photographer create a good reason to get your previous client to genuinely want to show your work everywhere, and feeling excited to show something with your work in it.
Answer: 98% of the brides/portrait client we have surveyed said they can't wait to show their friends the brag album.
Question 2: Showing your work is the only way to promote a photographer. How can you make it easy for your clients to show your work everywhere? You can't expect them to bring a heavy frame or large album everywhere.
Answer: The brag album fits right into every woman's hand bag. They take it everywhere with them.
Question 3: How can you have something different to other photographers to make people "Remember you" and want to come to you for something straight away?
Answer: The most common reaction we have observed from people when they see the brag album is "...where did you get this?..." which naturally leads into "word of mouth" promotion for your studio. This is why we are the only company to do this kind of special feature pages such as gatefolds in the small brag album at no surcharge.
Question 4: Most photography studio clients are women. What do Woman like?
Answer: Women like small cute pretty things that they can take it around to brag about with other women. It will not take very long before your work presented in a brag album become the talk of the group and people starting to contact you for photography.
How many more referrals and word of mouth promotion do you think you could have got if every one of your previous clients had one keepsake album to show off at her work place, church, family/girlfriend gatherings.... You could have got Triple the referral business!!!

How do I design my album or sent it to you?

Don't worry! We simply resize your images supplied originally when you order each of your full sized Flushmount albums.

Choose from Black, White, Brown, Lime or Red leather covers. These can be chosen with each order as you go!


Allow 4 weeks


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