Product Care

Care of materials

Prevention is better than cure! Make sure your hands are clean. Do not place the album on surfaces that are dirty or could rub off onto the cover. Should cleaning be necessary, we do not recommend using commercial solvent-based products, some of which may damage or discolour your album. Instead, using a clean cloth, gently dab any affected areas with a small amount of Oil of Eucalyptus, available from pharmacies, which will remove most marks or grime. Be careful not to rub the surface, of suede albums in particular, as this may mark the surface. Oil of Eucalyptus is suitable for leather albums too: otherwise only use cleaning products intended for leather - and avoid their use, too, unless absolutely necessary.

Viewing and handling your album

Protect your album from knocks which could dent, scratch or abrade the surface. Always use both hands when lifting it, and never lift it by one cover. If your album has many pages, the spine may become caught under the front or back cover, especially if viewed from start to finish in a single sitting. If this happens we recommend that the book be closed and then re-opened. This will free the spine and so avoid stress.


Never leave your album in hot, damp or humid areas. Never display or leave it in direct sunlight. Never leave it for long periods in a hot, closed vehicle, especially in direct sunlight. Such conditions are harmful to all books. Always leave your album closed when not being viewed. For long-term storage, it should be kept in its presentation box or CarryCase. This is for the good of the photographs as well as the book itself.