Image Preview Box Templates

The below templates are meant for use with Adobe Photoshop.

STEP 1. download the appropriate template below for the product/s you require

STEP 2. create your album or box cover in Photosho, ensuring that your images bleed over the blue guidelines nd that if you plan on having text on the spine, that if faces the correct way. For further help, please refer to the photoshop template tip sheet

STEP 3: to email the image to us, remember to save as a 300 Dpi Jpg, as the final step in Photoshop and make sure you adjust the quality slider to about 10 to avoid file sizes too large for our email server. The file size should be no larger than 5Mb.

IMPORTANT: if you are ordering multiple albums, each with a different image, please email only one image per email, as most email servers can only handle files sizes up to 5Mb. As soon as we receive your file/s, we can start your order. We will coat the canvas or silk cover with a protective coating and bind the image onto the album

Image Preview Box - 6x4 Shallow
Image Preview Box - 6x4 Deep
Image Preview Box - 6x4 Standard
Image Preview Box - 6x4 Double
Image Preview Box - 7x5 Shallow