15x15" / 18x12" Flushmount Album (including Printing & first 20sides)

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Flushmount Albums

Our Flushmount albums include the printing of your double and single page spreads to delivery all round SAVINGS - No Lab Costs. Photographers across Australia have spoken and we've listened. The demand has changed and photographers now prefer a NON-Matted album so they are not restricted with mat combinations and don't have to worry about ordering different sized images.

Here are just some of the benefits;

  • Less work - NO mats, NO album assembly
  • You supply us with double page spread, colour corrected image files at 300 dpi
  • All images are printed by a Pro Lab and finished with a durcale finger-proof UV coating
  • Seemless panoramas - no gap in the middle means your images run seemlessly across the centre
  • Huge range of album materials - Leather or Crystal Fusion
  • Embossing of names - album cover can be blind embossed - no extra
  • Art paper or Metallic paper available for feature pages ( 2 sides for each included - ectra sides $8 p/side)
  • Refer to product images for design tips and file specifications

How do I design my album or sent it to you?

You can use any software you prefer to design your Flushmount album - ProSelect, Photoshop, YSI, InDesign.  After all, you only need to send us the double and single page jpeg files saved at 300 dpi for printing. Typically, there is one single side for the first and last pages, then all the others are double page spreads.

When setting up your pages you need to make sure you set them as double and single page spreads, at the exact album size eg: a 11x14" vertical album should be set up as a series of 14x22" double page spreads.So a typical 20 sided album would have 10 spreads. We trim up to 5mm off the 3 outside edges of each page when we do a final trim.  Please make sure you do not place anything in this area that you do not want trimmed off.


Allow 5-6 weeks


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